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Instead of being rocked back and forth by the waves of  life, wouldn't you rather have a healthy command of your attitude & emotions, a clear understanding of your life purpose, strong relationships, and a healthy degree of career and financial success? 

This award-winning book is your personal guide to get you there.

In The Abundance Principle, you’ll uncover a radical concept in the ancient words of Scripture – a concept that, if properly applied, will lead to an extraordinary life!

Authors Dr. Jeff Standridge and Rev. Tim Kellerman offer simple, yet profound insights and specific, practical directions for:

  • Managing your attitude and the way you think;
  • Discovering your personal calling or purpose in life;
  • Building strong, healthy, and lasting relationships;
  • Managing your personal finances;
  • Learning how to enjoy the gift of giving and serving;

Jeff and Tim blend personal experiences and best practices from both the pulpit and the boardroom to show the readers how to live an extraordinary life. 

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